​3000 E. Orange Ave. Eustis, FL

Community map depictions are not an official site plan, may not be drawn to scale, and may not reflect all easements and other matters affecting the community. Rather, it is an artist's conceptual rendering intended to give Buyer a general overview of the contemplated community. Any map depiction does not constitute a guaranty that the community will be built out or developed as shown and B&E Homes has not made, does not make, and specifically negates and disclaims any representations, warranties, and guarantees with respect to the map depiction, including, but not limited to, any depiction or description of any physical characteristics of the community or any improvements pertaining thereto, and any depiction or description of the real estate comprising or contemplated to comprise the community or of the units or amenities (such as pools, gazebos, hike and bike trails, exercise facilities, etc.) contemplated to be a part of the community. The party developing the community may make changes in the design and plan of the community (including, without limitation, the number of homes and/or the sizes of lots in the Community), and in any currently contemplated timing of the development of the community, and B&E Homes reserves the right to make any and all such changes.


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